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RoadPro RPSC-818 12V Hair Dryer/ Defroster with Folding Handle


MarinePro 12-Volt Hair Dryer/Defroster - Gander Mountain

Once you’re set up, lock the shutter button down on the remote shutter release cable, sit back and enjoy the show with your own eyes. Monitor the state of the lens with a torch every 20 minutes or so. In a cool, damp August night, lenses have a habit of fogging over. A 12V camping hairdryer attached to a suitable battery is a good way to gently warm the front of the lens to remove any moisture that has appeared.

Needing more than one USB port? Got the Sat Nav and a 12V hairdryer to plug in at once? Need a port for the mobile phone charger so your passenger stops moaning at you? We have just the solution with this 12 volt twin USB plug and cover.

With a rectangular mounting plate which can be removed to fit in a round hole, the cover protects the sockets from dirt, moisture or the usual flying debris associated with older Land Rovers when not in use.

Hair Dryer With Car Adapter - Sears

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