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ExpertPower 12V 7 Amp EXP1270 Rechargeable Lead Acid Battery


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The CoolerBot uses two motors that are powered by 10 amp hour 12 volt SLA batteries. Just to let you know, the CoolerBot is very eco-friendly as it is recharged by two solar panels. Attach an infrared video camera along with a Nikon digital SLR, and you’ve got yourself a backyard National Geographic channel.

Battery Giant is a leading source for SLA batteries for all applications. Our 100,000 sq. ft. warehouse stocks all of the following 12 Volt Sealed Lead Acid Batteries and ships within 1 business day. Our 12 Volt SLA batteries also carry a 1 year warranty and fall under our No Questions Asked 14 Day Return Policy.

ExpertPower EXP12120 12 Volt 12 Amp Rechargeable battery

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