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Panasonic MC-CL431 1600-watt Bagless Vacuum Cleaner, 220-volt (Not for USA) - Corded


1600 watt Bagged Vacuum Cleaner

Amazing things come in small packages! The 1600 watt canister vacuum cleaner brings incredible cyclonic technology to your fingertips. Don't struggle with huge, bulky vacuums that take up lots of space and have little cleaning power. With high-impact resistant housing, 360 degree swivel, and a long stretch hose, this little canister vacuum will change the way you look at vacuum cleaners. Order this powerful vacuum today!

The superior construction of this 1600 watt vacuum cleaner ensures maximum durability. You can easily adjust the suction control of this vacuum cleaner to meet your requirements. Its stainless steel telescopic tube makes it even more convenient to use. Featuring a permanent dust bag with a capacity of 3L, this vacuum cleaner with blower lets you clean up a large space without having to empty the dust bag frequently. This red vacuum cleaner has a 5m cable that lets you clean larger areas in a short period of time.

Volta U1851 1600 Watt Forte Vacuum Cleaner - 2 Years Warranty

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    1600 watt Bagged Vacuum Cleaner. This video shows you its features, how to set it up and how to troubleshoot. To order this vacuum cleaner, go to

    Fitted with a two-step floor nozzle, using the Panasonic 1600watt vacuum cleaner is easy. Accompanied by a telescopic plastic wand and a straight handle, this vacuum cleaner is lightweight and can be comfortably navigated from one part of your premise to another. Even cleaning the filter of the Panasonic vacuum cleaner is easy. With its capacity of 1.2L, this filter can comfortably absorb a good amount of dust and dirt. Once you have finished using it, you can simply remove the filter, clean it and conveniently place it back.