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The idea behind a 2012 survival kit isn't really to be able to last forever on just what you have on hand right now. Rather, it is to be able to survive until such time that order is restored.

5) : ideally, you'll be able to shelter in place in your home during any major disaster. After all, this is where you'll probably have all your supplies stored. But plan ahead in case your gas or electric furnace doesn't work due to utilities being cut off. Be sure you have plenty of blankets and warm clothing. If you have a fireplace or wood stove, stock up on firewood and make sure you have the tools necessary to procure more, such as axes, saws, and mauls. In your 2012 survival kit, make sure you have tents and sleeping bags, just in case you have to vacate your home for some period of time.

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    In fact, some camping supply companies sell specially made toilet seats just for this purpose. You can toss in some powdered laundry detergent or baking soda to help cut down on the inevitable smell. Hand sanitizer should be used frequently by everyone in the home. Your 2012 survival kit should contain a good supply of this item. In a pinch, due to the high alcohol content, you can even use it to help get a campfire going. Don't forget ample supplies of toilet paper as well as feminine hygiene products.

    I’m surprised more designers didn’t take advantage of the impending apocalypse to do clever self-promotions. The guys at did not let this opportunity to have a little fun pass them by. Their 2012 Apocalypse Survival Kit includes necessities like coffee, chocolate and whiskey, as well as nice-to-haves like duct tape and rope. If the end times arrive this Friday, the HOW team will be well stocked!