Kingston 2GB miniSD memory card

SanDisk 2GB MicroSD Card with SD & MiniSD Adapters (SDSDQ-2048, BULK package)

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2GB MiniSD card with full size adapter

Toshiba says their new 2GB miniSD cards can hold up to 35 hours of music, lots and lots of pictures even on megapixel cameraphones, and has a write speed of 5MB/s. That's pretty fast. Since now sport miniSD, people are going to need a place to store all their Dido albums.

Name of Product: 2GB miniSD memory card
Maximum Write Speed: 5MB / Second
Compatible Interface: SD Memory Card standard compatible
Power Supply Voltage: 2.7 - 3.6V
Compatible Standard: SD Memory Card standard compatible
Exterior Dimensions: 20.0mm(W)×21.5mm(L)×1.4mm(T)
Weight Approx.: 1g

MNS002G080BKR, MSD-2GB-80X-AD, 2GB MiniSD Card with Adapter

SanDisk miniSD 2GB memory card : SanDisk expands its mobile line by introducing a SanDisk 2GB miniSD card (up from 1GB) with the aim of accommodating consumers' increasing demand for accessing photos, music and video on their phone. SanDisk's suggested retail prices for the newest card is $199.99 for the 2GB miniSD. The 2GB miniSD card will be available in the United States initially through Verizon Wireless. Verizon Wireless Communications Stores will sell SanDisk's flash memory cards for mobile phones. The new SanDisk 2GB miniSD flash memory cards are expected to be available through those stores in February. The SanDisk miniSD flash cards are sold in co-branded Verizon Wireless/SanDisk packaging.

2GB MiniSD Card with Adapter: MNS002G080BKR, MSD-2GB-80X-AD

Toshiba is joining the 2GB party a little late, seeing as 2GB minSD cards and being used in Nokia E61s, but people don't fault Apple for being late when they get things right.

2gb mini sd card Product Feature: The SD Memory Card is a Flash-Based memory card. It was specifically designed to meet the security, capacity, performance and environmental requirements of the latest-generation of audio and video co...