world around them with this 30x magnification telescope

ELENKER High Resolution Binocular 30 x 60 for Travel and Sports Bird Watching Blue Membrane Lens

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Vivitar TELMIC-20 Telescope / Microscope Kit VIV-TELMIC-20 B&H

That is, in fact, how Galileo Galilei identified the massive moons back in 1610, sighting Io, Europa, Ganymede, and Callisto with his 30x magnification telescope.

Make your own Keplerian Telescope with this 30x magnification Telescope for Kids science craft! Assemble with included instructions, and gaze at the stars!

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  • 30X magnification telescope, 450-foot diameter range for larger worksites; 53-inch minimum focus
  • 10x Maximum Magnification Microscope