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Launching their first AfricaBike program in 2006, Kona has developed program after program since then in order to meet the needs of specific groups in Africa, such as their 2008 project in to donate 100 AfricaBikes for the Water User Association workers of the Great Ruaha River, who are tasked with patrolling entire the Rufiji River Basin to ensure that the Great Ruaha River does not run dry (again) due to illegal water use, lowered water levels, or violations of protected river areas. Considering that the Rufiji River Basin is approximately 68,500 square miles, which is about six times the size of Switzerland, the AfricaBikes provided to Water User Association workers are vitally integral to preserving the health of the Great Ruaha River and the villages that depend on it. In addition, 500 bikes were donated in early 2012 for students of the that provides vital school lessons to children in the surrounding Kenya areas who, on average, had to walk up to 12 miles to school.

You can also donate money or purchase an made from 100% organic cotton for $30USD - all proceeds go to Africa Bikes. For a tax-deductible donation go to

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At an impressive price point of $499 USD, the AfricaBike Three is a long-lasting, upright-style bike that makes a fun and effective addition to any household—no matter the country. Even better—for every three AfricaBikes Kona sells, two are donated to Kona’s non-profit, Basic Needs, which facilitates the bike donations to sub-Saharan families in Africa. And while some bike reviews have been picky enough to be disappointed with features like the upright stance causing increased effort of the quadriceps, or the kickstand being unruly, or the front basket sometimes making a squeaking sound, these gripes pale in comparison to the quality of the overall bike in contrast to its surprisingly low price and highly humanitarian mission.

There are several ways to help, the first being by simply buying a bike. Kona AfricaBikes are so popular in the US due to their durability, that Kona came up with a sponsorship program. For ever 2 AfricaBikes sold in the US, one AfricaBike will be donated to Africa. Perfect for the couple purchasing bikes.