22cc Professional Airbrush Glass Bottle Pot Airbrush Jar

Master Airbrush® Brand Box of 10-each TB-002 3/4-Ounce, (22cc) Glass Bottle Air Brush Depot Airbrushing Accessories, Works with Master, Badger, Paasche Airbrushes, Also Includes a (FREE) How to Airbrush Training Book to Get You Started

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Our 1 oz (30cc) airbrush bottles are made from squeezable LDPE plastic. LDPE (low density polyethylene plastic) is a safe, flexaible, impact-resistant, dishwasher safe, food and beverage plastic. Each bottle comes with a drop dispensing lid made of Polypropylene. Perfect for storing your airbrush liquid, or screwing straight onto your favorite blaster cap.

Keeping airbrushes clean keeps them working. It’s a simple airbrush law. Kind’ve like gravity. If you don’t clean your airbrush it won’t work anymore. But what about airbrush paint bottles?

Airbrush Bottles - Paasche Airbrush

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    Keep your paints fresh with the easy to use Redy airbrush bottle caps! Redy caps give artists the ability to preserve and protect their airbrush paints when they're not in use. Most airbrush bottles provide 1 red cap to stop paints from drying out, but Redy caps prevent spills and with 20 caps provided to you per package, there will be no need to panic when you can't find the only cap that your airbrush bottle came with. Redy caps quickly fasten to airbrush bottles and are designed to fit most nipples. Be sure to put a small piece of tape over the vent hole when safeguarding paints! This will keep your airbrush paints safe for weeks! The Redy airbrush bottle caps are a must for any serious airbrush artist!