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"This person had time to go through my luggage, leave the airport, go to the Aurora Walmart by 6:37 a.m. (and) have all those cards refunded and reissued," said McBroom. "I personally felt violated, but I was more angry that my kids -- I just thought, 'Oh my Gosh, my kids and my grandkids are not going to get their Christmas this year."

Once McBroom discovered the cards were missing, she went to her local Walmart on Monday. Using the information on her receipt from when she bought the gift cards in Fountain, they were able to find out that her gift cards were redeemed and new ones reissued at the Aurora Walmart off of Interstate 70 and Tower Road.

1415 Lawrence Dr De Pere, WI 54115

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On Sunday, they checked their bags at DIA around 4:30 a.m. for their 7:20 a.m. Delta flight. She later found out that the gift cards were stolen and used at an Aurora Walmart by 6:37 a.m., before they even boarded their flight home.

Awful, just awful – It seems every time I walk into the Aurora Walmart Supercenter I see less cashiers, less people to help. The customer service is poor at this particular walmart, mostly from the "customer service managers"

The store, especially near the back, is consistently messy, and every time I need assistance in a particular area they aren't around. The whole paging idea is flawed horribly because if the missing employee is on break, no one will take the time out of their day to tell you so.

All of these things have happened on several occasions, not just random one time things.

This store seems to run on absolute bare minimum customer interaction, and when interaction has finally drawn them out of that back room, it is, often times, unpleasant.