Baby Doll Ring Sling Sling Only in Purple by SewInthreadableShop

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Baby Doll Ring Sling Sling Only in Purple by SewInthreadableShop

My Little Miss found their baby doll sling when we went to play this week. She loved it so much that she immediately wanted me to make her one. So being school holidays (and a super easy project that took about 5 minutes!) I did.

I decided to fit one final sewing project in before my mom left Saturday afternoon. Emma had been asking for one of these baby doll slings for a while, and I’m glad I made one for Johnny too because he thinks it’s really cool to have a baby sling. Made using the same fabric and design as my (which Lily spends large portions of the day in).

Doll Carrier Toy Pouch Sling Baby Doll Sling POW by SnuggyBaby

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Baby Doll Ring Sling Sling Only in Pink by SewInthreadableShop

Another nap time project coming at ya! I found yet another cute and super easy sewing project on the highly addictive Pinterest. This is a baby doll sling for your little one’s dollies. I found the original detailed tutorial/post .

Snuggy Baby sells regular baby slings so it was the natural transition to baby doll slings. Made to carry your son or daughter’s baby doll, sometimes kids tend to pack it up with some of their favorite things. The carrier is made in the pouch style making it so easy for little ones to put on and take off by themselves. Your little girl or guy can just put it over her head and put in her doll or toys. You don’t have to worry about straps or buckles or any kind of adjustments. It measures 18” by 14” and is great for kids up to 5 years of age. There are many different colors and patterns to choose from. It is not meant for small animals (children do tend to take a good idea a little too far sometimes!).