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Picking the right toys for proper child development just got a whole lot easier. The Ebeanstalk team of child-experts mapped all of our baby toys to the stage of child development and developmental milestones to ensure that each toy will help your child learn and grow. The first year is perhaps the busiest and most important for physical development. It is during this year when babies develop muscle strength and control to help hold their body up and move against gravity. They learn to move on their own and complete simple tasks.

B, they look similar, but still very much different than the Parents toys. Parents toys are more muted colors, Baby Genius toys are bold, primary colors.

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Making simple baby toys from home can be much safer than toys bought from the store that risk having defects. Learn how to make some simple baby toys with tips from an award-winning party planner in this free video on baby showers.

has highlighted and briefly reviewed our picks for the best 10 baby toys on the market. All of the toys featured here have won prestigious toy and parenting awards based on quality, creativity, educational value and/or entertainment value. All toys have also received outstanding consumer ratings and are highly recommended.