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Beados Starter Pack


Available in both Qixels and Beados Shopkins designs

Beados™ Super Studio won the 2007 "Toy of the Year" award at the 2007 Melbourne Toy and Hobby fair. Beados™ also won the Arts and Craft Toy of the Year and the Australian Development Toy of the Year award making Beados™ one of the most accredited products for many years.

Make, Spray and they stay! Beados™ (formerly known as Bindeez™) are magic beads that you use to create colourful and fun designs. Just lay out your design in a special Beados Tray, then spray them with water and your artwork will magically set in place! It's that easy!!!

My kids would love the Beados activity pack!!

Beados™ Super Studio

By Moose Toys

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My daughter would love this, BEADOS™ ACTIVITY PACK, Item no: #10631

She loves making jewelry out of beads, painted pastas, and candy, and giving it to her friends and teachers. Anything from earrings to necklaces she will try to create!

Get started creating magical bead designs with the all new, 2014 Beados™ Starter Kit from Moose Toys! They're the magical beads that join together with the spray of water. And remember, there is no ironing or messy glues needed. And with the all-new included Pod Pen, 6 templates and 400 colour beads means your creations are sure to impress and easy to do!

Contents: 400 Beados™, 1 Pod Pen, 4 Pods, 1 Funnel, 2 Bead Trays, Beados™ Water Sprayer, 6 Design Templates, 2 Display Stands, 1 Suction Cup, 1 Connector Bead, Instruction.

Suitable for children 4 years+