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Garmin Nuvi GPS Beanbag Friction Mount with Bracket FOR 62lm Series

Sounds like you are using another brand of friction mount that isnt a Garmin. Lostinthewoods has sent a picture of the bean bag friction mount (which I use in my personal car) and here is the link for the mount with the silicone rubber backing (which I use for travel; ). I am not familiar with the one that you describe although I have seen them in stores. Lostinthewoods is absolutely correct that the Garmin friction mounts do not use the suction cup. I have no experience with the friction mounts that use a suction cup to attach the GPS and don't know how long the suction cup will hold before needing to be reseated.

and also read review customer opinions just before buy ChargerCity? Hippo Series Universal Smartphone NonSlip Beanbag Friction Mount for Garmin Nuvi TomTom Via GO Start Live XXL XL Magellan Roadmate GPS *Fit all 3.5" 4.3" 5" 7" GPS* (Includes ChargerCity Direct Replacement Warranty) .

TomTom 9UUB.052.00 Beanbag Friction Mount

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    January 2010
    I have both friction mounts. I use the beanbag in my car at home and use the new silicone-backed friction mount for when I travel (its much lighter than the bean bag). Both work very well although it is a bit tougher to bend the new friction mount to match the dashboard surface and as already pointed out it does tend to leave a stain on the dashboard. As I am using the new friction mount in rental cars I am not that concerned with dashboard stains (and they can be cleaned off anyway). One thing I have noted is that when I go through airport security with the new mount I do need to take it out of my suitcase and put it in the xray bin. One TSA screener thought it was a knife when he saw it in my bag! The old bean bag friction mounts are filled with lead shot so they need to be pulled out for screening as well. As long as they are taken out of your suitcase and put into a bin I have had no issues traveling with either style mount.
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    Suction Cups ?? We have no stinking suction cups !!! June 29, 2013Reviewer: JW (see more about me)Best Damn Dash Mount !!! The description said: "Charger City Hippo Series Universal Smartphone NonSlip Beanbag Friction Mount for Garmin Nuvi TomTom Via GO Start XXL XL Magellan Roadmate GPS *Fit all 3.5" 4.3" 5" GPS*". They should have added: Any cell phone, GPS unit and up to 7" tablets. I use

    - Camera: iPhone 3GS, jailbroken, running iOS 5.0.1
    - App: Car Camera DVR 1.2.2 (640x480, 15 FPS*, medium compression) --
    - Mount: ChargerCity weighted beanbag friction mount, universal device clip --
    - Car: Fiat 500 Pop 2013, Verde Azzuro
    - Location: Fairfax, VA