The Big Time Digital Wall Clock

La Crosse Technology WT-8002U Digital Wall Clock


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The Big Time Digital Wall Clock has no qualms about its place in your life. It's giving you the time. And doing it the big way. At over three feet wide and a foot and a half long, the Big Time clock features an admittedly stylish circuit board backing. Maybe we'd consider the purchase if it weren't so, you know, big. Available in four color schemes, the Big Time clock will set you back $130, but we're pretty sure that it doubles as a Big Time nightlight and Big Time tanning bulb if you're budget is smaller than your Big Time lifestyle. [ via ]

For those who suffer from an inferiority complex and want to have the biggest of just about everything, perhaps this Big Time Digital Wall Clock would fit the bill. Measuring 100cm x 50cm in size, you surely won’t miss out on the current time even if you suffer from poor eyesight without the help of glasses. If only it came with an alarm that is equally loud – now that’d be something worth considering for a purchase.

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