Instant Bike Tire Inflator Sealer

Fix-A-Flat S60136 Aerosol Bike Tire Inflator - 6 fl. oz.


Air Compressor/Tire Inflator per EA.

The handle bars will be adjusted to your biking style. You will be advised to carry a tube patch repair kit and pump or a bike tire inflator sealer that can repair flats in seconds. An ID bracelet is also suggested to carry identification on every ride, and let someone know where you will be biking.

I bought this ultra instant bike tire inflator sealer by TPI technicraft out of Lima Ohio and I got it at Walmart I put it in out front of Walmart rode over for a mile home and everything was fine the next day I did the same trip from my house to Walmart at the very intrance to Walmart parking lot it popped loud enough for everybody to think a gun went off across the parking lot being the front tire I didn't get really hurt it knocked me off my bike

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