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The Punisher Volume 1: Black and White


Black & White 2: Battle of the Gods - Part 1 - Duration: 16:58.

There were three patches launched for the game, however you only need to install the final patch since it includes all the fixes that were included in the previous patches. You can download the Black and White v1.3 patch from here.

Lol, here I came to put/see if black and white 1/2 were on the wishlist, and there I see it pretty much at the top. Please make it happen, no one else is distributing it digitally, and it is such a unique game. :(

Black & White website - Xbox | Official Site

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    Sadly late to hear the news on the closing of Lionhead studios, made me awfully nostalgic for my childhood days playing Black and White 1 & 2. Even tried to play my old disc copies, but the DRM format is no longer supported on Windows 10. GOG is the only way foreseeable that I might play these great games, and arguably the best Molyneux ever created . Please make it happen!