Antique Copper-Brass BLIZZARD Bug Sprayer by D.B. Smith Co

Chapin 20002 Lawn and Garden Poly Sprayer, 2 Gallon

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Commenting on an old post, but for others like me who scroll through comments – I’ve found it effective to spray a bandanna with bug spray and roll that up and tie around dog’s neck. Works well at keeping bugs off their faces unless they go for impromptu swims! My dogs get all waggy when I tie bandannas on them now because they know it means we’re headed somewhere fun!.

Hi wellness mama
I want to make your homemade bug spray but I just want to ask if these oils are safe to use on a 6 month old baby and myself while breastfeeding? I get eaten alive by mosquitos and am really hoping this will help cause regular bug sprays never really have thanks! 🙂

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Chemical Base Type Oil
Chemical Form Spray
Package Size 32 oz.
Type Bed Bug Spray

Alleged Rape Stopped With Bug Spray

i made the dried herbs bug spray but i put a twist on it, i doubled the recipe and put one cup of rubbing alcohol, and 1/2 of vinegar mixed with a 1/2 cup of regular water, dunno if it works yet but it def smells strong….and honestly if it works then i can deal with the smell!

I’m going to make the essential oil bug spray and was wondering what the benefits of using the vegetable glycerin are. I know it’s optional but I’d like to use it if there’s an added benefit. Also can the bug spray be used liberally on young children.