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For Check Cashing & Other Services:

Generally, a check casher is a business entity that engages in the cashing of checks or other payment instruments for a fee. The Department licenses check cashers operating in Georgia that cash checks, money orders or other payment instruments for a fee.

To report an unlicensed check casher to the Department, you may contact the MSB section of the Non-Depository Financial Institutions Division by one of the following methods. Be sure to include the name of the business, address (if known), and any other details you have:

For Check Cashing & Other Services:

  • All Checks Cashed Open 7 Days
  • For Check Cashing & Other Services:

    Our check cashing process is simple and streamlined for your convenience. Our verification process is fast and easy making cashing your checks a breeze! With no holding period, our check cashing services are perfect for small business owners who need to maintain a steady cash flow, or Customers who need funds immediately. You can feel comfortable cashing large checks in our secure area, which keeps you and your cash separated from lobby traffic - ensuring your privacy. Our flexible hours of operation mean that we're open even after traditional banks are closed, and we're available on evenings and weekends.

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