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The Stair Barrier - Wall-to-Bannister Indoor/Outdoor Baby/Pet Gate - Black

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BABY BARRIER® - Quality Pool Safety Fence

A toddler wandering alone in a kitchen, a bathroom or a living room abounding with sharp cornered pieces of furniture, collectibles and other electric hazards, is a troubling sight. Avoid these dangerous situations by installing child safety barriers.

Child safety barriers are not necessarily awkward metal bars, hard to install and operate. We carry a large choice of security devices, from the classic looking light wood child safety barrier, with or without a single hand operated door, to the collapsible screen that will provide the same service, and “disappear” when not in use.

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KidKusion Kid Safe Manual Driveway Guard - 18 ft

Available in different forms, make and price range, child safety barriers all have to be
temporarily fixed on the hinges of the opening they are blocking.

illustrates an electric adjustable width child safety barrier assembly 100 installed in a passageway 102. The barrier assembly 100 includes a roller housing 104 mounted to a structural element 106 on one side of the passageway 102, a flexible barrier 112 that can be extended across the passageway 102 to prevent the passage of a child, and a latching assembly 114 attached to an edge of barrier 112 that can be releasably secured to an upper receptacle 116 and a lower receptacle 120, mounted to an opposite structural element 106, when barrier 112 is extended across the width of the passageway 102 as shown. A barrier spool shaft 108 is secured to rotate about an axis 110 within housing 104. Barrier 112 is securely attached at one end to spool shaft 108 so that spool shaft 108 rotates as barrier 112 is either extended or retracted. As will be explained below, housing 104 contains a barrier extension release assembly with a solenoid 420 () that is used to lock the rotation of spool shaft 108 and thereby prevent the barrier from being further extended until an electrical switch within the upper latch assembly 124 is mechanically closed. Solenoid 420 and the electrical switch are connected via a four-conductor cable 111 extending along barrier 112. As will be further explained below, electrical cable 111 includes a ground line 111 , a six-volt line 111 , a trigger line 111 and a low-battery line 111