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One of the most critical things in establishing and maintaining the viability of your organization’s financial system is the proper handling of accounting matters at the end of a reporting month. You can read this Month End Close Checklist to find out how to settle the financial and accounting issues (e.g. Payroll, Banking, Billing, etc.) at a month’s end.

By default, you’ll get a Facebook notification whenever anyone on your Close Friends list posts an update. Getting inundated by a flood of alerts? You can turn off Close Friends notifications by going to your Close Friends page (click Close Friends in the left column of your news feed) and toggling the Notifications button on or off.

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  • First, find a good friend you’d like to see more of on Facebook; you can use the search box at the top of the page, spot them in your news feed, or pick them from your main Friends list.
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  • Want a closer look at your Close Friends list? Go to your news feed, then click Close Friends in the left column. From here, you’ll see updates only from your Close Friends, along with suggestions on more friends to add on the right side of the page.
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The airport tower at Sacramento international is on a partial close list and the tower at Sacramento Executive Airport is on the full closure list, the results come out Monday.

The month-end close is no easy task. Download this free Month-End Close Checklist, modify it to fit your needs, and you’ll find your monthly close goes much more smoothly.