2. Coffee pot is nontoxic&odorless

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For those interested in how we make this coffee pot, a detailed description follows. It contains 11 components and involves 6 techniques; spinning, casting, wood carving, soldering, sheet making and tube drawing.

The finishing touch to a truly memorable evening is coffee served from this elegant pot. An English handmade silver coffee pot will delight you and be a wonderful traditional heirloom to pass from generation to generation. The design features and quality in every item made by craftsmen at JA Campbell are unique. As a present, this coffee pot will be a treasure to receive.

Welcome To The Coffee Pot Bakery

In the background of our restaurant is the Coffee Pot Rock for which we are named. This famous rock formation provides an awesome background for photo opportunities before or after your visit with us.

If space is available and weather permits, request seating on our charming redwood patio where you may relax by the pond & enjoy the soothing sounds of our waterfall.

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A wonderful enamelware, French coffee pot. This lovely biggin consists of three pieces including the pot, filter, and lid. It is white enamel with black trim; has a lovely spout and a large handle. It measures 10 inches high x 9 inches wide including the handle and spout. It is in very good condition with only minor enamel loss.

Morning or after dinner coffee are occasions which you can turn into celebrations by using English sterling silver. Make your coffee in a percolater or cafetiere and then transfer to the warmed coffee pot to serve. If you take your coffee seriously, this silver coffee pot is the starting point. Add a silver sugar basin, a , a silver cake stand for the freshly made scones, individual desserts or a selection of handmade chocolates. Use the from the JA Campbell 'Appetite' collection and your table will nearly be complete. All you need now are your guests!