Great diaper covers. Great price.

Thirsties Duo Wrap Snap Diaper Cover, Aqua, Size 1


These little Diaper covers and a Tee shirt

DIAPER COVERS: I prefer to buy them from Cotton Babies as they are the same price as most other websites but they always have free shipping on every order! They also have some good sales throughout the year. And never underestimate the power of Craigslist! There are a lot of good deals from people trying different types of cloth diapers and selling the ones they decided not to use (that means the “used” diapers have only been used a couple times during the trial period). I have bought a lot of my diaper covers off Craigslist for nearly half the price of buying them brand new.

This is another one size diaper cover. Again I did not start using this on Joshua until he was 2 months old and even now it is my last choice for him because it is a bit thicker than the Econobum so I feel like it is very bulky on him. However, this is my favorite one to use with Amelia. It fits her great and I just like the way it functions. I have two with snaps and one with velcro and I definitely recommend the snaps over the velcro. The velcro is already fraying a bit (after 5 months of use) and the flaps can stick out which makes it easy for them to catch on her clothing. It’s one of the more expensive ones but I would say the quality is worth the cost at $13.95 per cover. And Cotton Babies every once in awhile will have a Buy 1 Get 1 Sale on Flips or Econobums!!


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    The Real Nappies diaper cover has been designed to fit snugly over Real Nappies prefold cloth diapers and can also be used with other cotton or polyester diapers. Sandwiched layers of PUL (polyurethane laminate) remove moisture and keep your baby drier, and the soft, elastic taping around the legs prevents leaking and blowouts. The Real Nappies diaper cover fastens at the waist with adjustable velcro tabs and when it's time to wash, simply fold the tabs back to prevent lint build up in the hooks. All Real Nappies diaper covers can be worn several times before needing to be washed, and can be dried in the dryer or hung on the line.

    These diaper covers come in two different sizes: Size One for 6-18 lbs and Size Two for 18-40 lbs. This is my least favorite to use with Amelia because the covers come with a double leg gusset to help prevent leaks and blow outs but I find with her the inner gusset always gets wet with urine so I have to change out the cover more often than the Econobums and Flips. However, these are my favorite to use with Joshua (huh? it baffles me too… maybe a difference between diapering a boy vs. a girl? or an infant who lays a lot vs. a toddler on the move?). They fit him really well and I don’t have the same problem with the inner gusset getting wet with urine. These come in snaps and velcro just like the Flips but I only have velcro ones. I think I would like ones with snaps for the same reason as I described above with the Flips but it just so happened I found good deals on Craigslist for velcro covers so those are the ones we got : ) Normally they cost about $12.25 per cover brand new.