It's from Alice Soft and named Dungeon Dolls.

Shopkins Shoppies - Popette


Dungeon Dolls Preview by dutchmogul - Thingiverse

I just wanted to say that those dungeon dolls you made are really cool but I was disappointed about there only being one set. And then I found grumpyrobots flatminis but was disappointed when I found out they didn't offer the same amount of customization as yours. So I have decided to recreate all of his into your format. I have already recreated 11 and plan to upload them within the weekend. Great work ;)

Last year, a New York court ruled out a Mattel suit against an artist who sold Barbie-like "Dungeon Dolls" clad in sadomasochistic outfits. The U.S. Supreme Court this year refused to allow Mattel to press suit against MCA Records Inc. for a Danish band's deriding the doll as a "blond bimbo" in its song "Barbie Girl."

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