And how is this applicable to Duracell?

Duracell Coppertop AA Batteries 24 Count

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AA Duracell Coppertop MN1500 Alkaline Battery

It's unfortunate that I can now depend on these to fail and am worried about a Guitar sitting is a studio in Nashville right now. Is Duracell being helpful? Yes. Does it really help? No. After this long and seeing a repeat performance and only an increase in the speed at which these decay I don't hold much hope. I see commercials of kids at St Jude's getting presents powered by Duracell's and feel kinda bad actually. NASA has got to be getting a specially made battery. No ifs and or buts about it.

Something is wrong. At least I'm trying to help them figure it out. Now if they care or not is another story. My guess is they aren't in the business to ruin our gear. However for the last few years that's what has happened for me and a lot of others. If i needed a pacemaker I really wouldn't want a Duracell running it. Would you?

AA Duracell Procell Alkaline Battery (PC1500)

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    ES Electronics is proud to announce our newest line “Duracell Batteries”. Duracell is well known for their high quality Cooper Top series along with their long lasting Procell series of batteries. ES Electronics heavily stocks Duracell products and can provide same day shipments along with creating auto-replenish programs for those customers who need a steady stream of product.

    Wireless charging is one of those kinda-handy things that’s almost been about to go mainstream for five years now. But Duracell is tired of waiting for the wireless charging revolution. Duracell wants you to wirelessly charge by plugging in this dongle instead. Wait, what?