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e.l.f. 83 Piece Essential Makeup Collection, 2.84-Ounce


Splurge vs Steal: ELF Makeup Dupes You Can't Resist!

Today I’m sharing some of my favorite ELF makeup dupes! Just try to resist them the next time you’re at the store. If you need help “splurging” you can also check out my .

Recently, Elf cosmetics has been added to Ulta’s website. I am super excited because most likely it will soon be available in select stores. I don’t really like shopping for makeup online. Colors are never scaled as shown so seeing and testing in person is important for me. Elf’s products are cut-rate but exceptional. They are currently having a grand final sale on their website! Literally items are $1! To check out the sale, click .

Review of ELF Makeup: Eyes Lips Face Cosmetics

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I'm really not much of a makeup person and I'm not one for spending a ton of money for things I don't feel I need either. But, elf makes it so I don't have to spend much time or money to enhance my looks. After reading a review on my favorite blog of some of their products, I decided to try them myself. I have ordered several products from this site, including eyeliner and contour powder and blush as well as lip glosses and I loved all of them! The products arrived very quickly, were a good value because they cost less than most other makeup products and were packaged very nicely. I would absolutely order from elf again and look forwarding to try other products they sell.

I use a lot of ELF makeup products because I can buy them at Sallys Beauty Supply. I love the bronzing face powder with glitter in it. I bought this product at Ross but it was the same as it would have been at Sallys. I love that it makes me look like I have a glow without making me look brown. Perfect for every skin tone. There is just the right amount of shimmer so that you can see it in the light but it does not look like you put little girl make up on. I also love the eye shadow compacts. I use a lot of natural tones browns, greens, tans, dark purples and beige. You can find a compact with almost any color you could ever want. There are many colors in one so you could wear a different color everyday. The eyeliner is good too. I see a lot of colored eyeliner made by this company. I do not wear a lot of colored eyeliner but I think its awesome anyway. The black works great and the brown eyeliner. I like to use the brown with green eye shadow.