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Remington EP1050CDN Smooth and Silky Battery Operated Facial Tweezer System, Color May Vary


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With the Remington EP1050CDN Facial Tweezer System, Remington hopes to have the answer to removing unwanted facial hair. claims its battery operated facial hair remover will remove hair as short as 0.5mm, giving you long lasting results that last from 4 to 6 weeks. At first glance, this slim and compact epilator with 6 tweezers seems very attractive given its low price. But, can it really remove unwanted facial hair? Find out in our hands on .

I love the size and shape of the Remington EP1050GDN. It has a very nice shape that fits in your hand comfortably. The facial epilator is large enough to fit in your hand, but small enough to fit in your purse. It is simple to use, durable, and very lightweight. Designed to appeal to women, the lavender color and artsy purpley flower design is very cute. The epilator is very reminiscent of the other .

Toner Compatibili 1 conf. x 2 Minolta EP1050, 102 B

  • ep1050 opc drum
  • Toner Compatibili 1 conf. x 2 Minolta EP1050, 102 B

    The Remington EP1050CDN doesn’t offer the same level of precision as the . While it operates similarly to the , it just doesn’t seem as powerful. I felt that the seemed to remove lighter hair better. Compared to other epilators I tested on the face, it was much slower and tedious to remove facial hair with this one.

    The lifetime affordability of office equipment is an important factor when scanning the market for a new device. If a dedicated copy machine will meet the work needs, the Konica-Minolta EP1050 is a cost-effective, efficient option. Its monochromatic capabilities means it cannot produce color documents, but the black-and-white pages will print with a maximum resolution of 600x600 dpi using the Konica-Minolta EP1050 toner.

    When this unit is purchased, a starter Konica-Minolta EP1050 toner cartridge is provided so users can begin printing without having to make a separate purchase. When the provided printer toner runs out, replacement toners can be found online from a number of vendors. A standard Konica-Minolta EP1050 toner cartridge can yield up to 5,000 pages. This high-capacity will keep the cost per printed page at a minimum.

    Regular paper can be held on a single input tray that holds up to 250 sheets. The bypass tray, however, holds alternative media types, providing versatility. Thicker types of paper, envelopes and transparencies can all be printed on. There is a 50-sheet automatic document feeder that will allow multi-page documents to be processed continuously. Another bin on the EP1050 provides a sorting option.

    Up to 99 copies can be made from a single scanned document and the user can resize the duplicate in increments of 1%. The overall speed of this laser device is about 10-15 pages per minute, with a first-page-out time of about 10 seconds. Though the EP1050 does not have all of the functions and features of the high-end machines on the market, it can deliver professional-quality duplicates at an affordable rate. It is not a portable copier but is light enough in weight for one person to install. The affordability of the Konica-Minolta EP1050 toner keeps this unit within limited company budgets and is an ideal value.