An ethernet splitter will not do this:

TP-LINK 5-Port Fast Ethernet Desktop Switch (TL-SF1005D)

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I have one Ethernet port that is wired directly to the router on another level. However, I want to run a desktop and a server both off this one Ethernet port. Can anyone tell me the difference between an Ethernet splitter and a switch?

An Ethernet splitter takes advantage of the fact that 10MBit and 100Mbit Ethernet , even though the cable (almost certainly) contains 8 wires. The splitter consists of two pieces (see picture): one is connected to each end of the existing cable, providing the appearance of two ports at each end. Each link has 4 dedicated wires, so there is no risk of packet collisions. Gigabit Ethernet does require all 8 wires, so 100MBit (full duplex) is the limit through a splitter; a Gigabit switch would be required to increase the bandwidth. Also, if your router only has one Ethernet port, then using a splitter is not an option.

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    Simply remove the cable from the corresponding port on the patch panel and connect the ethernet splitter. Then connect both ports of the ethernet splitter to the switch/hub via 2 short as shown.

    In these cases you must connect the splitter to the end of the network cable using an , then connect the 2 ports of the ethernet splitter to the switch like this: