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I bought 3 of those wooden baby gates and my son (who was two at the time) broke every single one of them within twenty-four hours. Then one day I came across the Evenflo Simplestep Pressure Mount Gate and decided to give it a try. Its durable and extremely easy to install. Also the swinging gate door on it makes it so much easier to go in and out of the room...no more climbing over to get to my child or having to take the gate completely down to carry something in or out of the room. Also since the bars are vertical my child can't climb up the gate and get out, which he was able to do with the wooden gates that had the plastic net type holding it together. Another good thing about the Evenflo Simplestep Pressure Mount Gate is that it will fit in larger opening than the old wooden ones. I did, however, have one issue with the gate. The "wheels" that you turn to tighten the gate are too easy to turn, so some children can turn them and actually take the gate down themselves....so in that area it is **too **easy to install/take down.

With so many other hassles to worry about, a gate should be worry-free and easy. Using the simplicity-by-design approach, the Evenflo SimpleStep pressure gate makes cordoning off stairways and rooms easy as cake. The pressure-mounted gate takes 20 minutes to install with no tools needed and is much easier than its wall-anchored counterparts. Once you install the gate, the most difficult part is over. The walk through door employs a squeeze, slide, and swing action that can be done with one hand. The red/green gate indicator tells you when the gate is properly locked. Be sure to measure your doorways before purchasing--the Evenflo gate is made for either 29-inch or 39.5-inch (with the included extension panel) openings, and the pressure mounts give you a tiny bit of slack. The Evenflo SimpleStep pressure gate is 30.5 inches in height, and the manufacturer recommended age use for children is six months to two years.

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    A quality gate, easily installed. We purchased 2 of these gates in order to allow our cat to pass freely when necessary, yet keep the dog and cat separated at other times. We paid $39.97 at WalMart. That price probably can’t be beaten. Installation took all of about 15 minutes from box to finished installation. Yes, the gate opening will close up when you properly tension the unit in the door opening. Follow the instructions, and don’t over tighten things, and you will be just fine. Kudos to Carlson for a quality product at a reasonable price. NOTE: This gate is also available as a child-safe gate, without the small door, under the Evenflo SimpleStep Pressure Gate Taupe label, which sells for $39.95 direct from Amazon. If you don’t need the small access door to allow certain pets to come and go, that might be the gate for you.