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TIGI Catwalk Fashionista Smooth and Shine Heat Safe Lotion, 8 Ounce


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Tigi Catwalk Fashionista Smooth and Shine is a heat protective, shine lotion.

Tigi offer a wide range of hair products and their claim that they have something for everyone is probably true. They offer products to straighten, de-frizz, protect colour, curl, strengthen, etc, etc ... the list is endless. Tigi products can be found online as well as in most hair salons although they are priced higher than similar products available in Boots.

I purchased the Tigi Catwalk Fashionista Smooth and Shine product about 2 years ago after a visit to Toni & Guy and I'm still using the same bottle and I tend to style my hair 2 - 3 times a week. (Although it will need to be replaced within the next month or so).

Catwalk Fashionista Smooth and Shine is packaged in a purple, plastic bottle with an easy dispense head .. literally turn the product upside down and squeeze a small amount into the palm of your hand and you're ready to go. Tigi advise that this product prevents styling damage from irons, adds shine, smoothes and can work as a second day restyler however I've always used it as a heat protective lotion before styling my hair. I have long hair which needs to be blow dried before straightened using ghd's. As you can imagine this is quite a heat intensive process and I feel that the Fashionista Smooth and Shine product has protected my hair against styling damage whilst adding shine. This claim is supported by my hairdresser who comments on the good condition that my hair is in.

Although this product is quite expensive, a little goes a long way. Before styling my hair, I drop a small amount of the product into the palm of my hand, rub my two hands together and then smooth through my hair whilst wet. I work the product from the end of my hair upwards. I never start at the roots and work down as this leaves my hair looking and feeling quite greasy and lank when dry. I then comb through before starting the drying process.

When styled my hair looks smooth with shine and feels great with minimal heat damage.

To deal with the stress that the heating iron puts on my hair, my hair stylist recommended that I use a heat protectant. She recommended TIGI Catwalk Fashionista Smooth and Shine (granted this was a Toni and Guy salon, so of course they are going to recommend TIGI products). I decided this was a good idea and picked up a brightly colored (purple and bright blue) bottle.

Catwalk Tigi Fashionista Smooth And Shine | Cosmetics Now US

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    One of the many different hair products I use is Tigi Catwalk Fashionista Smooth and Shine.

    This is part of the Catwalk range that is mainly sold in hair salons, and I will say now it is not the cheapest of hair care.
    I first came across this product some years ago when my mum bought a bottle for me to try, as she knows I love hair products and she thought this would be a great product for me. She was right, I love this stuff and I still use it to this day!!

    Smooth and Shine comes in a purple bottle, with a blue pop up cap and blue writing on the bottle. The general size bottle of Smooth and Shine is 200ml, but you can get larger versions as well as travel ones. These are usually sold in Toni and Guy salons, as well as other independant salons, but it will be much cheaper for you to buy them online. Just have a look around and I am sure you will find many a site offering Smooth and Shine at a brilliant price. The lowest I have found online is around £7 a bottle, which I think is a brilliant price.

    The way I use Smooth and Shine, is I start using it on wet hair after I have shampooed and conditioned. I usually use a small blob, about the size of a 10p coin and this will spread through all my hair with ease. I have quite thick, long hair, so if you have shorter or thinner hair, you will need to use even less product. I always comb the Smooth and Shine through to make sure every bit of my hair is evenly covered, and then I blowdry my hair.

    I also use this product as part of my hair straightening routine. I smooth a very tiny amount (about a dot worth!) onto each section of hair as I am about to straighten it, and this helps to keep my hair protected from the heat and makes it a little bit quicker and easier to straighten.

    After using Smooth and Shine, my hair really does feel so much smoother, and you can see the wonderful amount of shine it adds. It really does do what it says on the bottle! Not only does it do a fantastic job that lasts all day, it smells wonderful too. A clean, light smell that reminds me of summer.

    The only problem I have with Smooth and Shine is that it can be a little bit slimy on your hands after use, but of course this is no problem as you can just wipe your hands after use, but once in a while it bugs me a little bit. This is hardly a problem though, so I am still going to give Fashionista Smooth and Shine a 5 out 5, as I can not fault it for what it is intended to do for hair.

    Basically, I couldn’t ask for anything more from a product. This is phenomenal. No, this product doesn’t make my hair perfect. I use a nice shampoo, good conditioner, and have a great haircut. Yet it gives me shine, helps control my frizzies and protects my hair from the heat I use. Yes, I have sexy hair. In part, I have TIGI Catwalk Fashionista Smooth and Shine to thank for that. With this hair, I look like I am coming off the catwalk.