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Fatheadz The Jack Sunglasses (6 1/8-Inch, Black, Smoke)


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Bev Bryant, who owns Integrity with her husband, Larry, said guys at the factory already have ordered the sunglasses, as well as apparel with the Fatheadz logo and slogan.

Now, you all know me: I don't write up anything about anything unless I get to test a pair. Fatheadz sent me a pair of their sunglasses to test out and I found myself at an immediate disadvantage: my head wasn't big enough to fit them comfortably. Thankfully I have more than a few friends in law enforcement who are bigger than normal sized people. One of them kindly accepted my gift of the Fatheadz sunglasses and agreed, in turn, to give me feedback on fit, function and comfort.

The maker of the sunglasses sees only a bright future for Fatheadz.

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  • Try a different category and check FatHeadz again soon!

    "We do a lot of business with entrepreneurs starting up, and what can pretty much kill a product from the start is marketing," said Brandon Bryant at Integrity Molding in Seymour, Ind. "Fatheadz has the marketing down."

    The feedback was 100% positive. Given his larger-than-normal-sized "plump noggin'", he reported that the Fatheadz were more comfortable than "normal" sized sunglasses and that they provided good coverage to his eyes. They were light and didn't easily fall off when he was running (he regularly wears them jogging) and haven't come off yet when he's out on his boat. As he's a fairly critical kind of person, I felt comfortable in reporting on his assessment.