The foosball playing field is on its way to being leveled.

Atomic Gladiator Foosball Table


Foosball Table - Lighted Acrylic - AGR Las Vegas

Billiards tables and poker tables and other game table choices may not be the perfect fit for the energy of your loved ones. Foosball brings a lighthearted, energetic experience to a game room or basement recreation room. The Enforcer Foosball Table by Vortex is a high-tech version of an exciting game room classic. It features a classic foosball playing field marked with traditional soccer boundaries. There are four handles of players for each team to control. The scoring, though, is kept with an electronic scorer that is mounted above the goals for easy scorekeeping and visibility. Foosball can bring a much-needed relief to long nights of back-to-back sit-down games. The Enforcer is brilliantly designed to slide neatly into your space, and features a furniture-style finish for a dynamic visual appeal.

Roberto Sport Foosball Playing Field 43 1/2''

This is the replacement print cardboard underlay for the playing Surface on a Roberto Sport foosball table. This cardboard rectangle is printed green with white field markings and is sandwiched between the tempered glass playsurface and the wooden base. Dimensions: 27 1/4'' W x 43 1/2'' L

Price: $29.99 CDN

OUTDOOR FOOSBALL TABLE | table tennis | outdoor

Halex - Stadium Foosball Table Review:
  • Novice: 2 out of 5 foosballs
Halex - Stadium Foosball Table Features and Parts:
  • Grass looking foosball table play field
  • Side ball return
  • Foosball table legs with a brace bar between the legs to help stabilize the table
  • Red and blue foosball players with newer style foosball toe design
  • Square manual scorers
  • Octagon style foosball handles
  • 2 side mounted drink holders
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