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Colorful High Quality Futon Cover Slipcover (Black, Full (54x75 in.))

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Futon cover fits well and the cotton twill makes it easy to clean

A final reason ties into the versatility of the futon. You can change its appearance to fit any style room you’d like, with replaceable mattresses – and far easier – mattress covers. Since you can purchase a frame and mattress separately, the combinations can be tailored to your exact tastes. This is something that simply can’t happen so simply with a sofa. The range of futon covers to suit any space are limitless.

A new futon cover can turn a drab or tired old piece of furniture into a fun focal point in your home. Most commercially produced futon covers come in neutral shades and solid colors. Making your own out of patterned fabric, or even a decorated set of bed sheets, breathes new life into your home's decor. These simple covers require only basic sewing skills and are simple enough to construct that you can make several, so change up your cover to match the evolving look in your home.

This futon cover is not waterproof.

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Futon cover fits well and the cotton twill makes it easy to clean

Futons To Go is an online fabric retailer that is currently selling sports themed futon slipcovers to use during parties centered on sports playoffs.

This shows how you would find the gacha machine with the futon covers in Japan. There are so many more photos posted with if you would like to see more of the entries!