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View your Garmin nüvi 200W waypoints over . These are actual 1:24000 scale topographic maps from the US Geological Survey, giving you much more terrain detail than the maps that came with your Garmin.

Why waste time entering new waypoints on the tiny screen of your Garmin nüvi 200W? ExpertGPS can do it 5x faster! Use the New Waypoint dialog in ExpertGPS to create new waypoints and POI listings for your Garmin GPS. As you type, ExpertGPS automatically suggests the best possible name for this waypoint on your GPS.

Garmin Nuvi 200W overview and full product specs on CNET.

  • Is there any software/firmware upgrade to essentially change a Garmin 200W into a 260W. Just to turn on the sound to announce street names?

    Mike - October 5th, 2008
  • Garmin nuvi 200W review - GPS Tracklog

    ExpertGPS lets you get the most out of the waypoints on your Garmin nüvi 200W by making it easy to assign the best symbol and to give each waypoint a long, meaningful name (using a real keyboard, not the little controls on your GPS). Think about it:

    Your Garmin nüvi 200W can hold 500 waypoints. Waypoints on the Garmin nüvi 200W can contain up to 30 characters. Waypoint comments (notes) can contain up to 255 characters. How long would it take you to enter all of those waypoints by hand into your GPS? ExpertGPS will save you hours on this one task alone!