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Internet Meme of the Week: Going to the Store | The Dartmouth

This does not work. I tried “go to the store” and it did not say that. This did not happen on my sister’s Toshiba (windows 8 too) because she can download apps, no problem. I’d like a solution that works.

“I love going to the store with multiple children! My toddler always goes right into the cart and never desperately clings to anything within reach like a cat being put into a bathtub only to then chuck all of my groceries across the store like a demented Donkey Kong while my two oldest get into a fist fight because one of them got to put an extra thing on the check-out conveyor belt. Wheeee!”

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Every once in a while, the Internet spits out a video so weird, so flabbergasting, that it has no choice but to go viral. Thus is the case with "Going to the Store," a CGI clip by David Lewandowski that he made as part of an episode for his series.

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