Bundles available with your GOOGLE Chromebook Pixel 12.85" - Grey

Acer Chromebook CB3-131-C3SZ 11.6-Inch Laptop (Intel Celeron N2840 Dual-Core Processor,2 GB RAM,16 GB Solid State Drive,Chrome), White


Google Chromebook Pixel review - CNET

It doesn’t appear that Google wants Chromebooks to be the primary computers in your life, but finding ways to better integrate offline access could attract more users instead of them going after the Ultrabooks or a Macbook Air.

The original Google Chromebook Pixel (left) and the second-generation model (right) have the same screen resolution, but the newer model has a broader color gamut, subtly visible in this side-by-side comparison.

Google Chromebook Pixel 2015 review - PCWorld

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The lightbar on the lid of the Google Chromebook Pixel glows rainbow colors when it opens and closes, and it also shows battery capacity as a green or yellow bar.

While the sizes and brands may vary, the sleek design and intuitive operating system of the Google Chromebook remains the same. At Walmart, you'll find the Chromebook that fits your specific needs.