{Landee See, Landee Do} Googly Eye Balls

Puffer Ball - 8 inch, Two Tone (Colors may vary)

Too low to display

Imperial Toy Massive Googly Ball - Shop Kids at HEB

Magic Light Up Googly Ball- TinkerbellBrand: Googly BallFeatures: Googly Ball, Stretch it! Squish it! Toss it!, Play with it however you please as it lights up and changes colors! Impact activated., Approximately: 6"D, Great gift!Package Quantity: 10

The second, more interesting thing I thought of was that, of course, the “Ginormous Googly Ball” is really a giant version of the 80’s hit, the . Koosh balls are a little special to me because the son of the inventor of the original Koosh Ball lived in my freshmen dorm. The rumor was that if you were at his house and he was so inclined, his father, Scott Stillinger, would actually take you out to the garage and make you a classic Koosh ball with the original equipment, straight from the inventor’s own hands!

K-mart Imperial Googly Ball, Massive, 1 ball

  • Goodyear
  • Good-year
  • Goodyear Charles
  • Goodyera
  • goody-goody
  • Goodyship
  • gooey
  • gooeyness
  • goof
  • goof off
  • goof up
  • goofball
  • go-off
  • goofing off
  • goof-off
  • goofproof
  • goof-proof
  • goof-up
  • goofy
  • goofy-footer
  • goog
  • Google
  • google-bombing
  • Googleganger
  • Googlewhack
  • Googley
  • googly
  • googol
  • googolplex
  • goo-goo
  • goo-goo eyes
  • gook
  • gooky
  • gool
  • Goolagong
  • Goolagong Cawley Evonne
  • Goole
  • goolie
  • goolies
  • goombah
  • goombay
  • goon
  • goon bag
  • goonda
  • gooney
  • gooney bird
  • gooneybird
  • goonie
  • goony
  • goop
  • gooped up

Mart Imperial Googly Ball Massive Ball - Kmart

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So here I am, a grown woman with responsibilities and (I thought) common sense, getting my love on with a squishy, hot pink googly ball! What would make me do such a thing? What makes me want to bounce it around and pretend it’s an alien of some sort? Why does it make me smile? Why do I want to name it? Why did I NEED it? Don’t worry, I’m not going to tell you “the devil made me do it.” That would be a lie…