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Limited Edition Swedish Fish Oreo Sandwich Cookies, 10.7 OZ

Too low to display

Grocer aims to boost connection with shoppers

It is a very convenient service but it is also much more expensive. I did use Coles Online for the first few months after my son was born but in the end, the higher cost of products, the lack of weekly specials and the delivery cost outweighed the convenience. Considering the fact that the duopoly holders have self checkouts now that have eliminated the need for as many checkout staff, perhaps they could at the very least offer groceries at the same price online as in store and then charge a delivery fee instead of gouging us as much as they can.

I use Coles online to order regular groceries for my disabled brother. Works well in theory except they screw up way too often. How can a well run supermarket run out of basics like bread milk or cigarettes? Not good enough Coles

Grocer planning to open 10 stores this year

Grocer plans to expand in region

We get most of our non-perishables online. The likes of Groceryrun offer really low prices, especially when it comes to buying in bulk. Plus capped shipping means we save quite a bit doing it this way. Would recommend.

Progressive Grocer invites retailer executives to learn more about strategies and solutions for fresh prepared food and how it can boost store loyalty and profits.