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Laser Hair Removal in New Orleans, LA at Etre

At Skin Science they really are the best experts when it comes to skin. They provide every service you can imagine for skincare and cosmetics including laser hair removal in New Orleans, LA. They have utilized some of the most advanced technology available to offer the highest quality of hair removal. Using a combination of the Palomar MaxY and Palomar MaxR handheld devices their staff members are able to perform a quick treatment due to the larger spot area. The procedure is also completely painless and, most importantly, safe.

Schedule your complimentary consultation and find out if you’re a candidate for American Laser Skincare of New Orleans’ laser treatments. One of American Laser Skincare’s skin care specialists can analyze your skin and answer all your questions. At your free consultation, don’t forget to ask about American Laser Skincare's (formerly known as American Laser Centers) guarantee on Laser Hair Removal in New Orleans, LA.

Permanent Laser Hair Removal New Orleans Louisiana

Laser Hair Removal offers a fast and easy way to permanently remove unwanted hair. With our improved understanding of laser skin interactions and advances in laser technology, successful laser-assisted hair removal has emerged. Unlike electrolysis, which kills one hair follicle at a time, the laser reaches and treats hundreds of hair follicles at the same time.

The laser hair removal industry is growing with the advent of laser devices that can treat dark skin and tanned skin. The industry was confined to working on dark hair and white skinned people for the best results, but now consumers have more options. The new lasers that utilize the nd: yag laser are as efficient on dark skin (skin types IV, V, VI) as the alexandrite and ruby lasers are on white skin (skin types I, II, III). Laser Hair Removal Clinics that are offering this new technology and service to their clients are now fulfilling the needs of most all consumers. The only exception is still individuals with light hair (light blonde, gray and red hair). These consumers will still need electrolysis for their hair removal needs.

For more information, contact laser hair removal in New Orleans Louisiana today!

Laser Hair Removal in New Orleans, LA by Superpages

While visiting for your consultation we will also inform you about how all patients are required to come in for multiple laser sessions. Laser Hair Removal in New Orleans Louisiana can only effectively remove unwanted hair if it is performed several times. Your hair grows in three distinct stages but can only be effectively destroyed by laser while in the active growth stage. Only a certain percentage of facial and body hair is in this stage at any given time, so a series of laser treatments will be needed in order to see significant hair reduction results. For the best name in Laser Hair Removal in the New Orleans area, don’t settle for anything less than you deserve. Call our reputable clinic today and finally say goodbye to temporary hair removal methods for good!

Before you begin your treatments for Laser Hair Removal in New Orleans, LA, we recommend scheduling a free, no obligation Laser Hair Removal consultation. A consultation will enable you to sit down with one of our many certified, experienced Laser Hair Removal technicians who will take the time to talk you through the laser process as well as design an exclusive treatment plan based on your skin type, hair color and other individual genetic factors. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions or address any concerns you may have regarding treatment; our highly trained laser technicians are always there to give you the individual attention you deserve.