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Pumpkin Halloween Pinata

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This Pumpkin Halloween Pinata will add a little fun and sweetness to your themed celebration. It serves a dual purpose as a holiday decoration and an entertaining party game. Shaped like a jack-o-lantern, this party pinata is a fun twist on the traditional game. Your little ones will have a blast getting to the sweet treats inside. The pumpkin pinata holds two lbs of small candy or favors, sold separately. You will love the easy cleanup. Once the festivity is over, you will be able to dispose of it with ease. It has a friendly, smiling face, which makes it more suitable for the younger children. Add a blindfold, bat and filler, sold separately, for what is sure to be a lot of fun for kids and adults. The Pumpkin Halloween Pinata is not recommended for children under 3 years old.

Our Ghost Pinata is a large pinata, measuring approximately 26" tall. This Halloween Pinata holds 4+ pounds of pinata candy and toy filler, which is great for playing the pinata game with groups of 10 or more. All of our pinatas feature an easy to open tab which is marked for easy filling. There's also a loop to hang your pinata with. This pinata does not include candy filler, but we do offer a variety of candy and toy fillers. Order now and we'll ship your pinata within 4 business days, not including delivery time. Allow extra time for delivery and the occasional delay.

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* Make (my favourite) Halloween Pinatas? Basically – these are the same as the goodie bags, but you add some string at the bottom to tug on the bats and see whether you get a Trick or a Treat! You can fill them with different treats or trick them with an “empty” bat…. or to avoid disappointment, fill them with things like “joke sweets” (eye ball chocolates, gummi worms) or maybe some spider sequins? (the lovely Zing Zing Tree has some in her !)

Armendariz has seen a spike in Halloween pinatas. She's also made custom pinatas, including an airplane, the Eiffel Tower and the likeness of somebody's husband.