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Apple iPad Air MD785LL/B (16GB, Wi-FI, Black with Space Gray)


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It almost (but not quite!) goes without saying that this is a well built and attractively designed device. After all, we've come to expect nothing less from an Apple product. Solidly constructed and with a brushed metal finish on the back, the iPad Mini 16GB is a pretty piece of kit that is proud of its looks. Bear in mind, though, that many users choose to wrap their tablet in a case to protect it from harm, so all of its minimalistic beauty may best be kept protected, as that metal backing can scratch. Another minor gripe is that you will often need to wipe the screen of grubby fingerprints. The Mini does have an oleophobic coating, but as with many of its rivals, the effectiveness of this proves less than might be wished.

I bought the original iPad with 16GB of storage. For almost two years, I never used more than about 10GB of space.
I just ordered the new iPad, and this time I went with the 32GB. The reason being that with the retina display capability, I expect apps to increase in size. And with iPhoto, I expect to keep more photos on this iPad than my previous one.
For me, 64GB seemed like overkill, and while I might never top out the 32GB model, it'll be nice to know I have some breathing room.
Oh, and as an aside, I went with the 3G model with my first iPad. But in almost 2 years, I never used it once -- there are so many wifi hotspots around town (Chicago) that I never had the need.
So, while the 4G LTE was tempting, my experience said that I just never used it, so I spent that extra money on more storage.

Unboxing: The New iPad 16GB White WiFi

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    The iPad Mini 16GB is significantly cheaper than its successors but still packs a hell of a punch. A great choice for casual users who want to browse the web on a conveniently-sized, beautiful device.