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Woods 041000 1-Outlet Surge Protector Adapter, 900 Joules of Protection, Light Grey

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RadioShack® 7-Outlet 2100 Joule Surge Protector (Black)

Every power surge your surge protector absorbs decreases the amount of future joules it absorbs. If that 1000 joule surge protector takes an 1000 joule hit, it’s done for. But it’s also done for if it takes ten 100 joule hits — or if it takes a thousand one joule hits. It’s all cumulative… It’s all about how many joules your surge protector has absorbed. But, the older your surge protector is, the more it’s likely degraded.

In case its marvelous name didn’t clue you in, this is the flagship model of Flexity, LLC. The PowerSquid has 2160 Joules of surge protection and a 15 Amp breaker switch. Flexity is so confident in the abilities of the PowerSquid it comes with a $75,000 (USD) equipment warranty alongside a lifetime warranty on the surge protector itself. As you can see it has six grounded outlets, two of which light up to make it easier to find the outlets in the dark. There are also cable and Ethernet ports at the rear near the 6′ power cord.

Staples® 8-Outlet 3300 Joule Surge Protector | Staples®

Number of Outlets 8
Joules Of Surge Protection 2000-3000 Joule

Staples 6-Outlet 709 Joule Surge Protector

The Belkin 6-Outlet Home/Office Surge Protector protects your electronic devices and appliances from surges and spikes. This 555-Joule surge protector offers six surge-protected outlets to supply complete, 3-line AC protection for your home electronics, appliances, home theater equipment, workstations, and more. The surge protector features a slender, sleek design and is backed by industry best Lifetime Product and Connected Equipment Warranties.

The Leviton T5280-I provides 720 joules of surge protection with a 15 A circuit breaker, but is only capable of protecting against one surge. It’s not resettable, so it essentially becomes a standard wall outlet after. It’s available in seven different colors on for just $31.88.