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The second option, which is not as widely known, is to use a system called the My Kap. This is the small plastic lid seen in the photo above. I’ve used these for over a year now and found them to be an even better alternative to the My K cup system for Keurig brewers. How do they work? Instead of throwing away your used Keurig K cups, you peel off the lid, wash out the old coffee and let them dry. After they are dry, you simply fill them with your brand of coffee, snap the plastic lid in place, and put them in the cupboard for the next morning. When sealed in a plastic bag they will last several weeks before brewing. There are few tricks to properly using the My Kap system. You can read what they are and more about this eco friendly alternative to Keurig K cups here:

There are a couple of environmentally friendly alternatives to Keurig K cups. Keurig makes their own reusable coffee pod called the “My K Cup”. To use one of these you must clean it out and refill it for each cup of coffee you make. In small households this is not that much of a problem, but when multiple servings of coffee are needed these can be time consuming to use. Still, if you have a Keurig coffee maker, this is a more eco friendly alternative to K cups.

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    Despite the fact that Keurig K cups may not be that eco friendly in the waste stream, the coffee maker itself may offer some environmental advantages. Instead of wasting coffee,which has to be picked, transported, etc., single serve coffee makers may ensure that less product ends up being used. This is a good thing, both for the environment and for coffee drinker’s wallets. In addition, Keurig coffee makers may use less water and electricity to brew coffee than other systems. This means less fossil fuel consumed and less valuable water wasted brewing coffee.