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Wilson Junior US Open Tennis Racquet, 23-Inch


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Grip size refers to the circumference or the distance of the edge of a racquet handle, and is measured in inches. For kids, selecting the appropriate grip size is made a bit easier than it is for adults mainly because manufacturers produce a 4 inch grip size for almost all kids tennis racquets. You may find some variation, however you’ll likely find other grip sizes to be rare.

Without a doubt the most important measurements for selecting a kids tennis racquets is the length of the racquet and the height of your child. The length of the tennis racquet is the primary adjustment manufactures have made to make them more kid friendly. While the height of your child will help determine which racquet length they should be using.

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Gamma Junior Quick Kids Tennis Racquet, 19"

Gamma Quick Kids Junior Racquet can help aspiring tennis players improve their techniques. This 19-inch USTA approved racquet can be used to play both QuickStart Tennis and Play N Stay formats. Made of aluminum, this racquet can be an apt tool for young tennis players. This racquet is lightweight and can be easily maneuvered. It's ideally sized for players 39 to 43 inches tall.


  • Measures 19 inches
  • USTA approved
  • Suitable for QuickStart Tennis and Play N Stay formats
  • Lightweight and maneuverable
  • Best for children between 39 and 43 inches tall

How to Measure Grip Size:

Open your child's hand and ensure that their fingers are fully extended and close together. Align a ruler with the lowest lateral crease in the palm and measure to the tip of the ring finger.

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In recent years, there has been a growing awareness in making tennis a sport that is more kid friendly. In the past, kids were taught on the same size courts, with the same size tennis balls as adults and generally speaking significantly less attention was paid towards the appropriate size for kids tennis racquets.