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Clubs and Organisations
If your child is interested in canoeing and kayaking on a regular basis, joining a club or organisation could be the perfect solution. The scouts and sea cadets are incredibly active in youth paddlesport and many canoeing and kayaking clubs either welcome children and families or have their own youth club that operates alongside their main over 18s club.

Clubs are a great starting point to get into paddling and give youngsters the chance to meet kids their own age, who are also interested in the sport. All their equipment will be provided, there’ll be qualified coaches on hand and your child will be able to try out all sorts of different boats and disciplines – it’s very rare for a club, particularly a youth one, to specialise in just one.

To find a club, enter your details into our and select the Clubs and Centres option. You could also try searching the internet for local clubs, asking at your child’s school or checking with your local council.

Courses and Events
Many schools, local councils and other such organisations run one-off courses during the summer months and they can be a great way to get your kids canoeing. Look out for publicity in your child’s school, in leisure centres and in council literature.

Once you've decided to get your kids canoeing, you need to think about equipment and the most essential piece of kit, which everybody in the family must wear at all times, is a personal floatation device (PFD), usually referred to as a buoyancy aid. For adults, a canoeing and kayaking specific buoyancy aid of between 55N and 70N buoyancy will be fine.

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    Everyone loves these wooden Kids Tales canoe paddles. Features a log for keeping a record of your child's first canoe journeys and what they saw along the way. As they outgrow these high performance paddles they become a perfect memento that documents their beginnings as a paddler, naturalist, and fisherman in style. Available in four unique and charming designs: Beaver, Dragonfly, Fish and Otter. Perfect starter paddle for kids age 2 to 10 years old.

    One of the best ways to get your kids canoeing is to head out on a family paddle and if you want to keep an eye on young children, sharing a boat can be the perfect solution. A 16-foot Canadian canoe is big enough for two adults, two small kids, a dog and a picnic.