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Kid Kick Punching Bag | Kids Punching Bag

Since it’s a free standing bag and has a rounded base, it’s easy to move around if needed. This is great if your child doesn’t have a set room for training as you can move the bag out of the way when they’re done practicing. You can also empty the base of the bag if you need to transport it somewhere. The bag is less than $100 on Amazon, so it is very reasonably priced. Overall we think the Kid Kick is an excellent kids punching bag and encourage you to check it out.

This bag is designed to be lighter than other kids punching bags and weighs just 40 pounds. This is so it can easily be picked up on tossed on the floor. This allows your kid to practice pretending to throw an opponent and it also lets them practice working on their ground training. Of course the light weight means that it isn’t as stable when standing up as other bags. So if your child hits it with enough power it’s possible they might knock the bag down. But of course because it weighs only 40 pounds it’s pretty easy to pick back up again if this happens.

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Kids Punching Bags: Buy a Punching Bag for Kids

Obviously high in quality and popularity, the Authentic RDX kids punching bag is a nice and strong bag for the kids’ MMA training. This item is designed perfectly with the 3 ft high which suits best with the kids. Also, the bag is made from non tear leather technology that you will find the bag lasting very long to be used. A pair of very light gloves is also added into the package, making it even greater for the training. Lastly, a variety of designs are also made available for the selection.

If your child is getting into martial arts chances are they will want to get a punching bag so that they can practice at home. There are several popular kids punching bag choices and we review the top ones below. Unless you have a set training space where you can hang the heavy bag, we recommend free standing bags as they are easier to set up and move around. You don’t need to buy the most expensive bag out there, but we do recommend you get a good bag that will last awhile as kids always seem to wear out bags pretty quickly.