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BZONE® 16.4FT 5M 300 LEDs SMD 5630 Waterproof LED Strip Light Flexible LED Light Strip for Indoor Outdoor Home Decor Decoration (Blue Color)

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LED strip lights,known as LED Tape lights,ribbon lights,are one of the earliest led lighting products almost ten years ago, it can be used in a variety of ways, for indoor or outdoor lighting (ceiling,wall,ground,window,swimming pool,almost everywhere). Buying LED strips may seem straight forward, but there are actually many different factors that buyers need to take into consideration to ensure they get the right led light strips for their needs.

If one talk about the brightness or lumen of ledstrips, the light color must be white (warm white, natural white, pure white or cool white), because the brightness of other light colors such as red, green, blue, yellow, pink is very low, the light colors (except white ) are mainly for decorative lighting purpose. The flexible led strip light is considered as one of the decorative light product in led light industry. Some led light suppliers told the customers that they may not even want the light to be bright, such as if you are using it for accent lighting. (However, we have used led strips for main lighting purpose in some of our projects, and the lighting performance is very well,need more information, please contact us).

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  • Vansky Bias USB LED Multi-Colored Light Strip $17 (Reg. $22)
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    Dynamic color chasing, sequencing, changing, and also static color modes available on the Dream-Color Controller and RGB Strip, individually addressable LEDs allow for sequencing modes. Silicone Encased waterproof flexible LED light strip with 160 high power 5050SMD RGB LEDs programmable for chasing patterns. 5 meter (16.45 ft) waterproof flexible light strips. For use with only. 5VDC operation. Uses HL1606S controller IC. Dimmable - .

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