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Large Optics - TYDEX: research & industrial optics

Large Gimbal Mounts are suitable for fixing large optics, with maximum diameter of 200 mm. Fine adjustment is done by a micrometer with least count of 10 microns. Switching between coarse and fine movement is by using a knob or a set-screw provided on the Gimbal mount. In 200mm / 8” Gimbal mirror mount, upto 35mm thick mirror can be held.

Precision Optical’s array of state-of-the-art equipment, such as advanced phase-shifting interferometers, dynamic interferometers, and large aperture beam expanders, allow precise measuring of optical flats of all shapes and sizes. Along with the challenges associated with fabrication of large optical flats, also comes the challenge of proper . Precision Optical utilizes custom tip/tilt hardware and proper mounting techniques to ensure precise measurements. With three-flat inspection (absolute calibration), homogeneity inspection, repeatability and standard deviation analysis, and large aperture inspection, Precision Optical can produce some of the highest end optical flats, windows, and mirrors available on the market.

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  • Dynamic testing of NOVA laser switchyard tower
    towers are used to mount large optical turning mirrors and laser beam diagnostic .
  • Large optics - TYDEX: research & industrial optics

    ‘There are certainly a number of research projects under development that are pushing the optics manufacturing community to greater capacity in terms of large optics – up to 1.5m at reasonably high volumes,’ says Gooch and Housego’s Mackay.

    ‘It’s one of those areas where within the next few years, if laser fusion shows the potential to work, there will be a lot of interest in capabilities in manufacturing large optics,’ adds Robertson, also of Gooch and Housego. ‘There are half a dozen other laser fusion projects in the planning stages that could get the go-ahead if the NIF project shows promise.’