LED Flexbrite Rope Light Set (75 ft) - Cool White

LE 150ft 110-120V AC LED Rope Lights Kit, 3000K Warm White, Waterproof IP65, Accessories Included, 360° Beam, LED Crystal Clear PVC Tubing Rope, Customizable Indoor/Outdoor Rope Lighting for Holiday

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LED Rope Light - Novelty Lights, Inc

flexible LED rope lighting for installation with molding and ceiling domes

153'LED lighting kit includes:
153'00" log LED rope lights, 1 x 6' long power cord, 1 end cap, 150 mounting clips, and 150 plastic ties.

Note: This product is factory sealed and UL approved. It is not meant to be cut and therefore extra power cords and end caps are not included.

LED rope light is one of the most versatile lighting solutions on the market today. The versatility of this lighting product is primarily the function of three product features: 1) It’s very flexible – can be bent to form shapes or words; 2) It’s small – 1/2″ round unit evenly distributes a lot of light; and 3) It can be cut to custom lengths – must cut on specified cut marks. With bulbs spaced 1″ apart, incandescent rope light consumed a lot of electricity and produced a lot of heat. The introduction of LED rope lighting made rope light a safer, and more economical lighting solution.

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    These lights emit a clear glow that will add ambience to any atmosphere. The Commercial Electric 27 ft. LED Rope Light Kit could be used for illuminating railings, stairs and trim. Featuring a clear, flexible design and the LED lights could help save on your energy costs. This rope light is UL rated for indoor and outdoor use.

    One of the most common uses of white rope lights is in the kitchen, where they work quite well over cabinets producing a very soft glow throughout the entire darkened room. Toe kick lighting, subtle accent lighting placed in the toe kick area near the floor, is still another way that LED rope lights can add visual excitement to a living space. Moreover, book shelves and small cabinets can glow with the addition of LED rope lights. Installing rope lighting behind cove molding below a ceiling is another popular use. Because it produces a very soft glow this type of rope light installation is especially effective when used as a night light in a child's room.