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Lei jeans and black Vans sneakers (size 9) were on the body of a male found in the water channel near Magnolia Street and Orangewood Avenue in Garden Grove on Monday. The sheriff's Coroner Division and the Garden Grove Police Department are trying to figure out who he is.

They hope the clothing will jog someone's memory. The fellow stood 5-foot-4, and the Lei jeans he wore had a patterned pocket. Investigators believe he had been dead for some time.

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True Religion Apparel Inc., the Vernon, Calif., based maker of True Religion jeans was surveyed by Tickermine this month. Twenty seven stores that stock the jeans were surveyed around the country including Macy's, Nordstrom's, Bloomingdales and Barney's of New York. 15 respondents or 56% of those polled said that True Religion jeans were selling "above average." Five respondents or 19% of those interviewed described sales of the designer jeans as "average " while another 19% described sales as "very strong." Only two respondents or 7% reported sales as "below average." Our researchers asked respondents which women's brand of jeans was selling best and the majority, seven respondents or 25% said that True Religion jeans sold best. 7 For All Mankind jeans also sold well (14%), as well as Joe's jeans and Lucky Brand jeans (11% each). Diesel and then Abercrombie and Fitch were each mentioned twice (7%) and DKNY, Levis, Timberland and Paper Denims were each cited by one respondent or by 4% of those polled. We asked the respondents what they thought of True Religion jeans? Respondents thought the jeans were too expensive, and the rest had only positive things to say, especially about the style, cuts and quality. True Religion jeans fared well when we asked respondents which top brand jeans they would not recommend to customers? Levi's jeans were cited most liberally (by 22% of those surveyed). Respondents felt these jeans were out of style and unfashionable. Lei Jeans were also mentioned (11%) because the respondents felt that the jeans were made poorly and 7 for All Mankind jeans were cited (by 11%). Our sources thought the fits were uncomfortable. Joe's Jeans and Diesel were each mentioned by 7% of those polled and True Religion was mentioned by only one respondent or 4%.

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