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Introducing the Margaritaville Mixed Drink Maker for every person out there that is too lazy to make their own drinks. You no longer have to worry about guests being served by an overpaid bartender you rent for those special occasions because the mixed drink maker will do all of that automatically for you. The setup of this gadget is very simple and only requires you to fill up the four spots with liquor and your chose of mixers. Once everything is loaded up you can simply press a button and the drink will automatically be made for you. If you are having trouble selecting one of the 48 concoctions you can press the “I’m feeling lucky” button where a drink will randomly be selected for you. That way when you pass out in the front yard naked, you can just blame it on Jimmy Buffet and his crazy Margaritaville Mixer. You can choose from Rum, Vodka or Tequila to be used in the Mixer (always go Tequila) which means it is super easy to cater to your audience (tequila for the guys and Vodka for the girls) depending on the event you are having at your house that night. We are waiting to see one of these setup with a coin operated slot at bars for when you just can’t wait for the bartender to give you a drink.

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Setting up your Margaritaville Cargo Mixed Drink Maker

  • Now your party guests can be their own bartender with the margaritaville mixed drink maker featuring 48 recipe options created by margaritaville bartenders.
  • At the press of a button, watch drink recipes come to life as this, first-of-its-kind innovation dispenses perfectly proportioned cocktails fast
  • Press the i feel lucky button and watch the digital display spin, it lands on a random drink for amusing interaction and entertaining fun anytime
  • And it's no trouble to make a double, just press down once on the drink strength switch and out comes a strong pour
  • Set up is a breeze, just add your choice of liquor (rum, vodka or tequila) and select mixers into the four containers, the machine knows what to do from there to serve up delicious mixed drinks

Margaritaville Mixed Drink Maker: How To Use

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